Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sun. July 23, 1961.

Up at 7.45 and shaved. Reginald stayed here overnight. He and Linda left here, he in his car, Linda in the Pontiac. Dick, Eve, Ronnie and Gail stayed at Bergs last night.
Linda and Reg. left about 10.15 for someplace. He has to go back to Off. Training Camp in Newport this afternoon.
Tillie was ironing this morning. Beautiful morning. Tillie ironed till about 3.00.
Then we left for Carls about 3.45. Went to the beach with them and rowed out to middle. Carl rowed back. Ken, Val, Francis were in swimming when we got back.
Up to Carls and supper. Then we four left for Kens.
They had company from California. Sat and talked there for a while then left for home.
Dick and family were home. Watched T.V. till 10.30 then to bed.

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