Monday, August 8, 2011

Sun, June 11, 1961

73°/92° 5.25/7.14
Up at 8.00 and sunny and clear and warm. I finished laying edging stones in front.
Went for a swim at 11.00. More people in the water then lying on the sand.
Water 82° and calm. Low tide.
Beautiful and nice. Temp. at noon 92°.
At 2.00 went over to Tobys and met Nils and Hilda and another couple. We sat talking for quite a while, had two drinks.
Then went to Lindens and saw Hilda. She fell and sprained her ankle so she was in bed when we got there. It smells pissy there.
Went to Howells and had an ice cream soda with him.
Had coffee with Hilda.
Left there at 7.10 and went home.
Beautiful sunset.
To bed at 9.30.
Hum. 80% Bar. 30.01

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