Monday, August 8, 2011

Mon, June 26, 1961

Up at 6.00 and the five of us had breakfast together. Said farewell and were off at 7.31 about. Up thru Winston (?) to 22 and followed 22 to _____ stopped in a motel, or cabin, “The Midway Motel” on Route 6 between Port Jervis & Milford at 7.45. We had a fog and a fine rain for a while and cloudy all day, though sun tried to come out once in a while.
Had a chicken sandwich that Wanda had put up. In afternoon about 4.00 I took the wheel and had been driving only a few minutes when I threw up the apple I had Eat. I stopped and and Tillie took the wheel. I threw up, off and on, till about 6.00.
Tillie drove till we came to the Motel. Took a shower and Tillie irrigated and to bed, at 9.00, after a supper of hot coffee.
I had the pain in my head, off and on all day.

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