Monday, August 8, 2011

Sun, June 18, 1961

Were u at 7.00 and the Vias went to church, so we took a bath and dressed up. When they came back they had some people with them, Louise, Murrays sister, and her husband, Roy. Also Maxine, Murrays niece. About 2.00 Mary Louise took us in her car to Murrays brother’s house. About 17 relatives were there. Everybody brought something and we had a kind of smorgasbord. We just sat around talking and I played with two young girls, Debbie and Gerry. I bet them they couldn’t count to 1000, but they did in about 8 minutes, so they each got ten cents. It got kind of chilly when the sun went down, so we went into the house where we had some more Eats. Mr. Jones was born the 12th of Oct, 1885 and his wife, Murrays sister was born in April, 19th and the two were married in April 1911.
We had the nicest time we have had in a long time, nice company and a beautiful day.
Home about 9.30 and to bed before 10.00.

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