Monday, August 8, 2011

Tues, June 20, 1961

Up at 8.00. Bruce left for work a few minutes later. Wanda was up when I got downstairs. I had a cup of coffee, then waited for Tillie. She came down at 10.00 and we had toast and orange juice and coffee.
Wanda went down town to get her hair fixed. We stayed home and read. I met Wanda at bus stop and helped carry her bundles home.
Sat around in afternoon and talked mixed daiquiris before dinner. Had meat loaf, baked potatoes, salad and strawberry shortcake. While Wanda washed dishes Bruce washed my car. Ray took us for a ride up to his tree farm, then around the country. It was a beautiful day. The trees have grown a lot since last year. We were home at dark. Sat and talked till 10.30. Cool in Eve. Mr. Jordan gave us some strawberries.

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