Monday, August 8, 2011

Fri, June 30, 1961

Up at 6.45 and saw Dick & Evelyn off. Had half a grapefruit and a piece of toast, coffee and some prunes.
Tillie ironed & cleaned house.
I went to bank and got a check. Nice and warm. Walked to store and Chris followed. Met Ronnie and his girl with a few other young people.
Home and then went to Town with Gail and another girl.
Warm weather.
At 5.50 we drove to Lins and picked her and Virginia up and drove to Brown University Stadium. Parked car on Elmgrove Ave. by the Gym. Waited at the gate till 8.00 when they opened the gate.
We were the first ones in.
We brought our big blanket and doubled it and sat on it.
It clouded up and lightning showed in the west. They had a chorus singing, presented the champions in the childrens class with their prizes.
Floats, girl scouts, boy scouts paraded by. Girls twirled their batons very well, then fireworks, very nice, with bombs Exploding.
There was plenty of lightning zig zaging in the clouds. The prettiest lightning Exhibition I’ve seen.
It began raining about 9.30 so we covered the six of us with the blanket but by 9.30 it rained so hard they closed the show and the waited inside while I went for the car and picked them up on the side street. Then we all went to Newport Ice Cream Parlor and had ice cream. It stopped raining then and we took Lin and Virginia home. We got back about 11.30.

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