Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tues, July 11, 1961

Up at 6.00. Linda has her vacation this week. Dick left at 6.30, Evelyn at 7.00 and we at 7.20. Went thru Fall River and New Bedford followed 6 then right to Hyannis then #28 to Bass River. A couple of streets beyond bridge turned right on Fisk St. followed that to Surfside Village, turned left and then first right to Santucket road #7-C.
Judy has her new car “Singer” YR-3 R.I. a British car. Mrs. Collins, Mark & Bink came about 11.00 and we sat down to a cup of coffee and a Danish pastry. Judy took the two boys for a ride.
They left about 1.00.
We took a ride to “Moby Dick” and place where they sell souveniers. Wandered around for a while then home and supper.
Judy and I took a ride to the beach.
To bed at 11.00.

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