Monday, August 8, 2011

Thurs, June 29, 1961

Dick left for work about 6.00. I up and shaved and then Ronnie drove Evelyn to Gorhams, I with them. Then Ronnie drove home.
About 8.45 I drove my car, with Ronnie, to ¬¬¬¬______ Hill corner of _____ and Sunset St. and a State Road Man was there and Ronnie drove the car with the inspector for a few min. Then I drove him to the State Auto Licence Bureau and Ronnie went in and got his licence, while I waited in the car. I drove around for a while, then picked him up and went home.
I looked over old newspapers, had an English muffin with jam and a cup of coffee.
Had a peach and two oranges for breakfast.
Washed car in afternoon.
Gail went to see “Gone with the Wind” but didn’t feel good. When she came home she went to bed. Evelyn, Tillie and I had supper together. Ronnie went to show in Evening. Dick came home at 10.00. I watched T.V. in Evening.
Tillie ironed most of day.
To bed at 10.30.

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