Monday, August 8, 2011

Tues, June 6, 1961

75°/92° 5.25/7.12
Up at 5.30 and had my breakfast and then read paper.
Numbered slides.
Went after car. Tillie drove Ettas car. I drove ours. Home at 11.00.
Went for a swim at noon. Home by 12.55. Had lunch, asparagus on toast. Then Tillie had a nap.
Sunny and warm 92° at 2.00. Very little breeze.
I had an hours nap.
Played with Craig and Denise. Talked with Leonhard and Ordway.
Ed stopped in for a while. Had fish cakes for supper. Sat outside and enjoyed a beautiful evening.
Lew and Nell Harrison and Mr. Clos stopped in for a while in Eve.
Tillie sewed on her skirt.
I went to bed at 10.00.
Hum. 79% Bar. 30.10”
Tillie saw a snake in the back yard.

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