Monday, August 8, 2011

Fri. June 16, 1961

Up at 4.30 and squeezed oranges and made coffee and were ready to leave by 6.00 and off we went. We followed #17 to Near Norfolk, but got lost and went to Virginia Beach.
It was level country most of the way and we had nice weather. Stopped and had some peaches.
We drove around, down route 60 and up 615 and finally found #651, which goes right by this road. They have built a new bridge, replacing the old wooden bridge.
We arrived there at Susewinds about 2.00. Saw Billy. He’s cute.
George came home about 5.00 and we had a couple of drinks.
Had a nice supper and then sat down and talked till 10.00. They had the hifi on and their boy loves music. Nice day.

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