Monday, August 8, 2011

Mon, June 5, 1961

70°/90° 5.25/7.12
Up at 6.00 and shaved and had my orange, apple, cheese & coffee. Tillie up at 7.00. Left at 7.35 and was at Gulf Stream Motors at 7.55. Left car there and took bus home to Blue Heron. Walked home from there in 28 min.
Had a cup of coffee, beautiful morning.
Went for a swim, using Ettas car. 81° water. Home at 11.35 had lunch, then went to Gulf Stream Motors, but my car wasn’t ready, so we went to Wrightsmans and saw Una.
Had tea with her. She showed us around the Wrightsmans House and the furniture is all covered. They are sand blasting the west side of the house. Saw Scotty.
Home and supper.
Etta came over and we sat talking till Collangis came, then we all went to the meeting of the Citizens Org. in the Recreation Hall.
Had coffee and doughnuts.
Home at 10.30. Tillie irrigated.
Bar. 30.10 Hum. 67%

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