Monday, August 8, 2011

Tues, June 27, 1961

Up at 5.00 and dark out and a fine rain.
Had a breakfast of orange juice and hot coffee and were off at 5.40. There was a noise like the muffler was loose, so we drove until we came to an Esso garage at 7.30. Had to wait till 8.00 when the mechanic came.
They found the Exhaust pipe burnt off. They had to send for a new pipe and the got it on at 10.00. In the meanwhile we had gone to a diner and had a piece of pie and coffee and read the paper.
Off at 10.00 and followed Route 6 to Bear Mt. Bridge and up that and through Danbury and thru Conn. We stopped at noon and had hot coffee from the hot water in vacuum bottle and the rest of the chicken Wanda had put up.
Followed 6 to 5 and to Park Ave and so to Dick’s house, where we found Linda and Chris and Gail and her girl friends.
Evelyn came home about 4.00 and Dick later on. So we had a martini and Evelyn got macaroni and meat balls ready.
Frank, Anita and children arrived about 7.00 and after supper, they had coffee and cake with whipped cream.
After dishes were done we sat out in yard at the picnic table where we had our supper, played with basketball and talked. The Foyes went home at 9.30 and we to bed at 10.00.

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