Monday, August 8, 2011

Sun, June 4, 1961

69°/90° 5.25/7.11
Up at 7.15. Beautiful morning. Read paper and had my orange juice.
Went after the Collangis and Etta and went swimming. Stayed down for an hour. Tillie made banana bread.
Lots of people on beach. Water 80°. Home by 12.00. Had an hour nap then shaved. Read in afternoon.
Head aches while eating, every day. Had dolphin that Toy gave us, for supper. Tillie gave Jim some banana bread and Dixie gave us some hot biscuit.
Stayed home in Eve. and watched T.V. Tillie to bed at 10.00, I 11.00. Head ached off and on, especially while eating and for ½ an hour afterward.
Hum. 63% Bar. 30.04

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