Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sat. Aug. 12, 1961

Up at 8.00 and shaved and got ready. Left at 9.30 and went to Merit Station and filled up.
gas 12. gal 2.95
oil 2 qt 1.04 87741
Arrived at Francis St at 11.00. Picked up two sailors and took them to Worcester.
Had lunch and a couple of drinks. Took a ride at 4.30 to the country along beautiful shady roads. At 6.00 stopped to see Bertha. She still lives in the past. Then back to the house and dinner.
Later on played canasta. Turned cool towards Evening but nice weather. Parked car in church parking lot.
To bed at 11.45. Tillie irrigated.
5285 6005
6100 4260
6230 4855
17615 15120
Parked car in parking lot.

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