Monday, August 8, 2011

Fri, June 23, 1961

Up at 9.00 and went down stairs and Wanda was up. Tillie came down stairs and we had breakfast. She mixed dough for biscuits. Then irrigated. I went downtown and got a yeast cake.
Later on I wrote to Dick & Evelyn, Dot & Harold.
Went to P.O. and also paid some bills for Wanda.
Coming home it began to pour and I was soaked.
Changed my clothes and Tillie washed and ironed them.
In Eve, we had lobster tail supper. Ray and I took a ride up to the tree farm, saw Jordan clipping his hedge, then drove around for a while, stopped and Ray bought some ice cream to take home.
Sat around and watched T.V. till bed time.

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