Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wed, July 12, 1961

5.22 / 8.21
Up at 7.45 and shaved. Slept fine. I made pancakes and we had breakfast at 9.00. Sunny and nice.
Went to beach. Very windy and rough. Water 72°. So we went in for a swim after sitting around in the sun for a while.
Then home and a cup of coffee. Had lunch later. Tillie had a nap. Took a ride up to town and bought some candles and jewelry.
Home and played “Crazy Eight” then dressed and went to “Moby Dick” for a lobster dinner.
Beautiful ride through the towns. After dinner rode to Hyannis.
At Moby Dicks, Judy found a ticket to see officer #33 to see him. So we went over and all he wanted was to find out what kind of a car it was and all about it. So we talked with him quite a while and he gave Judy his name and address. Home about 10.30.

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