Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thurs. July 27, 1961.

Up at 6.30 and shaved. Got our things ready and went to St. Onge in Garden City and bought two pair of pants. Then back and started off for Lins. On Route 5 I came too close to a truck that was parked there and scraped the right side of the car.
Picked up the mail at Lins then went to Newport and picked up Lin at Nada Fields and then headed north on 138. At Fall River we took 24 to 128 and around Boston to 93 to 28 and so up to East Madison and Hoyts. Had a lobster cookout with salad, pickles, rolls and melted butter. We Each had a lobster and then an Extra one divided. Then iced tea.
Sat on porch till Milton came home and talked with him for a while. Then he took us for a ride to his motor boat and took us out on the lake. The full moon was out.
A dozen young people were sitting around a fire telling ghost stories. So I told mine. Had a nice evening. 65° in Eve. Water 76°

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