Monday, August 8, 2011

Mon, June 19, 1961

Up at 6.00 and Murray was down stairs making coffee. I had a cup with him and then he made breakfast and we got ready and left at 7.50 following route 11 up to Winchester where we got route 522. Following that to #40 to Washington.
We stopped at the “Chuck Wagon” and had a double hamburger and coffee and French fries. We found #31 in Washington and then 27 on the state line.
Arrived at Bowmans about 7.30 standard time. 11 ½ hours and 397 miles. We stopped a couple of times to eat some peaches and fruit, got some milk and mixed instant coffee in it, which tasted very good.
Sat talking till 10.00 had a cup of coffee and so to bed.

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