Monday, August 8, 2011

Tues, June 13, 1961

78°/89° 5.25/7.15
Up at 6.20 and got oranges ready. Read paper. Tillie up at 7.00 and we packed car. Went to the beach with Etta in her car. Stopped at Tropic Isle and walked down with the Ryans and swam in the ocean, not too rough. Walked back to Tropic Isle and to Ryans apartment #31 and had coffee and a bun then a drink with apricot juice. Very good.
Home and dressed and went down town to bank and Tillie shopped.
Home and packed. Had dinner at DeCiccos. Watched “Laramie” Then home. Dot and Harold came over for a while.
Then went over to Collangis. Leonhard gave us some mangoes.
Sally gave us some bananas. Had supper with DeCiccos. Sat there for a while. Then home and Dot and Harold Larken came over for a while.
Cut crotons and gave a lot to Dixie. Packed our stuff. Went over to Collangis and gave him my mortgage book. Then home and to bed by 11.00.
Hum. 74% Bar. 30.13

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