Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thurs, July 13, 1961

Up at 7.30 and shaved and took dogs out. Then made pancakes for breakfast. Kind of hazy out.
Judy and Til groomed “Coquette.” Tillie irrigated about 10.00 this A.M. Had coffee about 11.30 on porch. Took some pictures.
Left about 12.30 and went to Harrisons and spent the afternoon with them. Three women came in later on, two from Boynton Beach, May, a retired school teacher, another retired telephone operator and Mrs. _____ from Riverside.
Lew made short bread biscuits and built fire in the yard and roasted hot dogs and hamburgers and we had coffee and later on Strawberry short cake with whipped cream. Sat and talked till about 7.30 when the women left. We left at 8.00 and were home at 9.40.
Dick and Evelyn had company from Chicago and we had a drink and sat talking till 10.30 when they left. To bed at 11.00.
The Dalys and their families.
Also the Stones. The two women are sisters.

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