Monday, August 8, 2011

Wed, June 28, 1961

Up at 6.30. Dick and Evelyn and Ronnie already up. Sunny and nice. Tillie cleaned up and about 11.00. We went to Tils and saw her. She has new drapes, new record cabinet, new end tables, coffee table and it looks very nice.
Judy came home for lunch and we had a nice lunch together. Sat and talked till about 3.00.
It was nice to see them again. We went to Martha Lawsons in East Greenwich and left Edith Bensons T.V. and two other boxes and a geranium.
Had coffee and piece of cake. Left about 4.30 and saw an accident on Post Road. A utility pole was snapped off. Went up route 5 and it has been widened and resurfaced. They are building a new bridge for it.
Went to Lins and unloaded all surplus stuff. Stopped at Larry’s and had a drink with them.
Then to Dicks. Had dinner with Evelyn and Tillie.
Took Ronald to back road and he practiced driving in my car. Dick came home later. He took us for a ride in my car to _____ Hill, Ronnie driving all the way. He stalled frequently.
Home and to bed by 10.00.

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