Monday, August 8, 2011

Wed, June 14, 1961

92° 5.25/7.15
Up at 5.30 and squeezed oranges. Then packed the last things in car. Sally came over and bid us farewell. We went over to Ettas and had coffee with her. Waved farewell to the Strabers and Collangis.
Left at 8.10 and went up Route 1 to Titusville and stopped at O’Connells at 11.40. They had a nice ham dinner for us, with macaroni, beets, pickles and coffee.
Then off we went at 1.20.
142 miles from our house to O’Connells. Two miles of construction past Daytona, on #1. Went towards Bunnell, there took 20 and 100 and follow to Palaths. Then 20 to 315 and north on that to #100. Some nice lakes there but rough road.
Began raining about 2.30 and rained all the way to Calahan. Went there Starkes and then 301 to Calahan, where we got a room in Regina Motel for $6.00. Still raining a little at 7.00.
Took a bath after a supper of bananas peanut butter and coffee.
To bed at 8.00.

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