Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thurs, Feb 23, 1961

73°  6.50/6.18
Moon rises 12.46  Sets 1.47 AM.
Up at 7.30 and squeezed oranges.
Bought flowers to Sally.  She gave me a divided box for my tools.
Very windy but mostly sunny.
After lunch we went to Norton Gallery and looked it over.
Then to Ray Lees.  I took a picture of Tillie in the Oldsmobile, Ray took Tillie for a ride and then me.
Sat and talked for a while then we had a nice ham supper, green beans, sweet potatoes and salad and tea.
In afternoon we had two martinis and later a crème de mint.
Sat and talked and done Exercises.  Nice time.  Saw painted buntings & cardinals.
Home at 9.00 and had cup of coffee and watched T.V.

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