Monday, February 21, 2011

Sat, Feb 18, 1961

70°/82°  6.54/6.14
Up at 6.30 and got breakfast ready.  Tillie left at 7.30 for Wrightmans.  Read paper.  Spread winter rye seed and raked it in.  Then watered yard.
Painted DeCiccos dark spots on East wall.
Cut down DeCiccos  ixora hedge to about 12”.
Tillie came home about 3.15 and arranged flowers she brought home.  Gave a bouquet to Dixie and one to Sally.  Went for a swim but waterway rough. 
Home and Tillie made supper.
Stayed home in Eve and watched T.V. while Tillie ironed.  To bed at 10.00. 
Saw moon in west.
Venus bright star in west.

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