Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mon, Feb 6, 1961

65°/75°  7.03/6.05
Up at 7.45 and had breakfast.  Sunny and cool.
Read paper.
Chinese year 4659 begins Feb 15.  Year of the Ox.
Wrote to Virginia Dore.
Went to bank and paid on mortgage.
Shopeed in W.P. and Kwik Chek. 
Home and lunch.
I painted trim.  Had a light supper.
At 7.30 picked up Mr. Holmes and we went to Recreation Center and attended meeting of R.B. Citizens Club.
Mr. & Mrs. Nystrom and Mr. & Mrs. Hanson joined the club.  Mr. Fritchie is president.  Mr. Jaeger spoke on the budget.  Had coffee & doughnuts.
Then home at 10.45. listened to news and then to bed.
Sprinkled a little in Eve.

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