Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sun, Feb 26, 1961

52°/72°  6.47/6.19
Up at 8.45 and turned heat on.  Moonrise 3.10 P.M.
Watered and hoed this forenoon.
At noon, when the temperature went to 70° we went for a swim.  It was kind of rough.  We were the only ones in swimming.  Quite a few were swimming themselves.
Brought a bottle of water for Collangis.
Had our lunch out in backyard.  Sunny and clear blue sky.
N.W. winds.  Water 73°.
Tillie weeded garden in afternoon.
I had a nap, polished fender of car.
Charlie and Ed were over and talked with them for a while.
Had egg and apple for supper.
Watched T.V.
To bed at 10.30.  Tillie 9.30.

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