Monday, February 21, 2011

Wed, Feb 22, 1961

72°/85°  6.51/6.17
A light shower about 7.00 AM.  Then sunny.  Up at 7.10 and squeezed oranges.  Sunny and nice.  Watered lawn.  Made shelf for bookcase.  Put crosspiece on screen door.
Went after Edith, shopping on the way.  Sunny and warm.
Went to the beach and went in wading.  Quite rough.
Home and coffee and buns.
A brief shower about 2.45.
Watched Dr. Malone and later watched Loretta Young in “The Farmers Daughter.”
Very good.
Had chowder, salad, papaya and tea for supper.  Watched T.V. for a while.  Took Edith home and were back here before 10.00.
Washed dishes and saw news on T.V.  To bed at 11.15.

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