Monday, February 21, 2011

Tues, Feb 21, 1961

72°/85°  6.52/6.15
Up at 7.00.  Tillie up at 7.30.  Tillie cleaned up around here.  I washed car.
Then went to bank and put money in checking account.
Then went to Mitchell, the plumber and paid him.
Then went to laundry and washed clothes and a gray rug.  Then went to Kwik Check.
Home and hung up laundry.  Then went for a swim.
Water 75° but rough.
Home and lunch.
Took in washing and transplanted tomatoes.
Ed was here and we had a glass of beer.
Went to Food Fair and bought quahaugs.  Had chicken and rice soup for supper.  Then Tillie made quahaug chowder.
Defrosted refrigerator.
Watched T.V. in between.

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