Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sun, Feb 12, 1961

42°/75°  6.59/6.10
Up at 6.30 and cold.  60° in house.  Had heat on till 10.00.  Tillie left for work at 7.30.
Henry, Alma and I went to Vachon Groves and looked over fruit.  Went to beach first.  Many people there.  Calm all day.  Bright and sunny.
Home and Alma had dinner ready in a little while.  Tillie came home at 3.45 and we sat on patio and had our dinner.  Tillie brought home some buttermilk.  She went back at 5.30.  Henry and I went to canal and Henry fished.  Didn’t catch anything.
It was up to 114° in the sun in backyard.  Helped a couple of negros get their car out of the sand.
Home and at 7.30 we three had coffee and some Wrightsman sandwiches. 
Watched T.V. in Evening.
Tillie home at 10.30.

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