Friday, February 25, 2011

Sat, Feb 25, 1961

65°/88°  6.48/6.19
Up at 7.30 and got breakfast.
Very windy and partly cloudy.  Watered plants then went to the beach.
Water 75° and the swimming flag was out so I swam quite a way out.
They were getting ready to put out the life lines.  The wind is from due south and must be 30 M.P.H. but the waves were not so high.
We were home by 11.15 and had a cup of coffee and two buns.
Partly cloudy and the dried pods on the mimosa trees are rattling steadily.
Tillie shampooed her hair.
Slight shower at 1.30 .01” of rain.
In Eve. we went to Collangis and picked them and Mr. Holmes up and went to Mollineaux where we talked and played canasta and samba.
Had coffee, cake, ice cream, cheese on crackers and doughnuts.
We didn’t leave there till 1.00.  I was in bed by 1.45.

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