Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mon, Feb 13, 1961

48°/75°  6.58/6.11
Sunny and clear.  Up at 6.30 and got breakfast.  Tillie left for work at 7.30.
Henry Alma and I went down town to get alligators, but couldn’t get any.  So we went to Waite’s Alligator Farm and they ordered two alligators to be shipped as soon as it was warm enough.  Then home and while Henry went to have his car washed Alma made lunch.
Tillie came home about 3.30 and we all went to the beach.  Alma Tillie and I went in swimming.  Water 73°.  Then home and Tillie left for work around 5.40.  the rest of us had supper and watched T.V.
The Bergs began packing. 
To bed at 11.30 and I read the paper.

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